Torch Light

Rechargeable Torch light

We live in an age, where we have a plethora of gadgets at our disposal. Amongst them, the most high-tech are torches which are in wide-use because of the benefits that they provide. Whether you are looking to light your home, your way through a pitch-black tunnel, or just need to light up the elements around you, a torch light is the best option. As such, it is important to know the best ones out there, so that you can choose one that suits your exact needs.

We’ve gone out into the night and tested a selection of portable torches, from mini-sized keyring models right up to nuclear-powered (okay, not quite) handheld floodlights. After a series of demanding real-world tests, we’ve picked out the best torches below. Take your pick – every one of these torches excels at the job they were designed to do.

If you’re not sure what to look for and have absolutely no idea what all the features and buzzwords actually mean, fear not. Scroll down the page and you’ll find our buying guide, which will answer all the key questions you might have.