Portable Fans

While many of us are fond of relaxing in front of the AC, handheld fans are a more convenient way to escape the summer heat while you’re on the go. Old-school paper fans are fun and stylish, but for brutally hot days when a flick of the wrist won’t do it, an electric handheld fan can take cooling off to the next level. Handheld fans put the power of your favorite box fan in your pocket and are optimized for carrying around since they’re cordless and powered by battery or USB. Some fans even include extra features, like a built-in water mister for extra refreshment or a flexible stroller attachment that can actually make your fan hands-free.

What are Portable fans?

A portable fan is a cord-connected appliance that is easily moved by hand from place to place. Portable fans consist of box fans, window box fans, dual window fans, window fans, desk/table fans, pedestal/floor fans, clip-on fans, and hassock fans.


What is the benefits of portable fan?

Using a portable fan can be a great way to keep the air moving, moderate the temperature of a room, and supplement the use of an air conditioner to save power. There are a few different types of portable fans. These include personal fans, box fans, window fans, pedestal fans, and floor fans, among others.